Save Yourself from Bad Meetings

David GradyIn our last issue of Starlink we shared a TED talk by David Grady, entitled “How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings“.

He has several good points to make and we figured it would be worthwhile to share his talk on our blog as well, for those who are not Starlink subscribers.

Of course not all meetings are bad. Those we arrange ourselves are timely, worthwhile and very, very important. It’s just the meetings other people convene that are a problem …

Sound familiar? :)

But many of us are certainly suffering a bad case of overmeetingitis these days … symptoms being a tightening of the gut, a droop of the shoulders, difficulty breathing and a tendency to want to strangle someone.

According to David Grady this is due to another global epidemic he calls M.A.S., or Mindless Accept Syndrome.

All joking aside, bad meetings or too many that add little or no value to our working lives are sapping our energy, creativity and productivity.

Perhaps it’s time to say “No!”  to M.A.S..

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