Organisational Change: One Person, One Gesture

Positive and successful organisational change can often start from one person, one gesture.

And in our work as facilitators we often observe the gestures that can make such a difference not only to the person but eventually to the organisation itself.

For example when we use our Appreciative Inquiry or AQ-KQ process, we always include paired conversations. People pair off and discuss a certain theme for a length of time and are usually so engaged in their conversations that their gestures, from a distance, suggest a positive change is beginning.

The gestures include smiles, nodding heads, people leaning forward,  relaxed bodies and facial muscles. Often they tap into each other’s passions, experiences and wisdom; something I believe is the foundation for successful change.

Instead of being a ‘cog in a wheel’ they are being heard and have the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts in a friendly and relaxed manner.

I can’t hear what they are saying but their gestures are much louder than any words could be. Change is occuring in the moment – and all that’s needed is for that energy to be harnessed and acted upon to make the desired organisational change a reality.

With my background in Tai Chi, which we use in our work, gestures are an effective indication of whether the desired change is having an effect. In an earlier blog post, Jacques The Shark (my Chris Chi site) I shared the story of how one gesture made a big difference to not only a primary school student but also to myself.

It’s often the little things – even a simple gesture – that can make a big difference to an organisation seeking successful change.


  1. Neat point about gestures being louder than any words could be. This is great info that I will share!Appreciatively, LynnCertified Personal and Executive Coach

  2. Thanks Lynn. I'm glad you found the post helpful.

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