Our New Event Calendar

Visitors to our site may be interested to check out our new Event Calendar. In it you’ll find many types of events: conferences, workshops, training opportunities, celebrations, awareness weeks and other community and special events.

We had one very practical reason for the addition of this calendar to our site. :)

Until now, our Starlink newsletter each month has included a list of upcoming events events that might be of interest to subscribers. However we have been uncovering so many of these, that the list was becoming incredibly long!

To keep Starlink to a more reasonable size, we therefore decided to install the calendar as an alternative way of sharing the information.

So what began as an aid for our newsletter subscribers is now available for all visitors to our site. :)

We have already listed a large number of events, although we know there are still more we can add! Those listed so far are mostly taking place in Australia, but we plan to add some international conferences about which we’ve received information.

If you have an event y0u’d like us to add to the calendar, please contact us to send us the details.

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