Melbourne: Chair Chi – AI – Appreciative Intelligence

Make a Difference WordleThere’s still time to register for our Melbourne workshops but you’ll need to act quickly as the workshops will be held 22, 23 June.

Here’s what we’re offering:

Aged Care Chair Chi Training Level One and Level Two
Highly interactive and ideal workshops for lifestyle staff, diversional therapists, physios, carers. You will learn how to deliver a basic Chair Chi session (level One) and advanced Chair Chi session (Level Two), which includes gentle exercises and strategies that will help enhance your residents emotional, psychological and physical well-being. Choose either one or two workshops to attend. We also have onsite workshops, for further details please contact us.

A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry
This workshop is designed for all those who are dipping their toes into the Appreciative Inquiry water and would like a simple and practical guide to this approach. It is ideal for: CEOs, team leaders, managers, HR or OD practitioners and anyone interested in the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy, whether personally or professionally

Unleashing Your Appreciative Intelligence
Learn the theory and research underpinning the concept of Appreciative Intelligence.

  • Understand the three components of Appreciative Intelligence and the four qualities possessed by those who exhibit it
  • Identify the extent to which these components and qualities are already present in your own life and work
  • Explore practical ways to strengthen your capacity for Appreciative Intelligence
  • Learn a number of strategies and tips to use – and enjoy – your Appreciative Intelligence

Ideal for CEOs, managers, change agents, leaders – or anyone who would like to become more successful, more creative, more resilient and more influential at work and in life.

Register here for one or more workshops to ensure your place.

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