Major Project: Missed It By That Much

We  just missed out on a major project ‘by that much’.

It doesn’t take much to miss out on big projects these days; the competition is fierce as it is in most businesses.

There are many experienced facititators and trainers like us out there and there are many inexperienced ones as well. You can imagine what a difficult job it is for selection panels to decide who should get the job, when they are flooded with applications.

We were obviously disappointed about losing this project because we were, in this case, asked to submit a proposal. Plus there was the loss of potential income after considerable time was spent preparing the proposal.

But, so what?

This is our reality and it was our decision to run a facilitation and training business. There’s no-one to blame. Besides, being rejected is all part of the business process.

In some ways rejections are a test of how passionate and dedicated we are to the business. It also makes us more motivated to develop alternative income streams during tough economic times.

But over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to land many large projects which have not only put pennies in our pockets but have also been memorable and an absolute joy.

Yes, we may have missed this latest project ‘by that much’, but we’ll keep aiming and shooting arrows – it’s only a matter of time until we hit the bullseye again.

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