M.E.A.T.Y. Change

Dog with BoneIn our previous post Organisational Change: Three Knights, I wrote about the characteristics of people that can either help or hinder any change effort.ir-leasing.ru

Once you sort out your Knights you may consider adding a bit more meat to the bone to help create a M.E.A.T.Y change that is truly transformational.

Forced change often meets with resistance and can have a limited effect. But if you involve your staff in discussions and demonstrate a need for change then you will increase their motivation to change.

It takes a lot of energy to initiate a transformational change and to sustain that change. A stressed and overworked workforce will strip the meat of the bone and leave you with a grizzled change effort. Make sure responsibilities are agreed to and spread evenly so the energy levels stay high.

The old cliché ‘All talk and no action’ can derail a change effort. Highlight and publicise each action so staff can see change is actually happening.

Allow enough time for the change effort to be successful. But avoid delays where possible otherwise the change effort will wither away.

In our Essence of Appreciative Inquiry and AQ-KQ workshops we always allow time for participants to have a yarn (share stories). People’s stories are a wonderful resource for inspiration and ideas that can create the foundation for change. So encourage your staff to share their stories.

Even with a M.E.A.T.Y approach many major change efforts are difficult, and dealing with uncertainty is important if the change is to be successful. In a previous post we discuss tolerance of uncertainty in more detail.

Oh, one more thing – before you start your M.E.A.T.Y change effort make sure you use quality meat so you end up leaving a good taste in everybody’s mouth.

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