King Leslie: The Allan Key for Successful Blogging

Leslie AllanWe were delighted to learn that our colleague and business associate Leslie Allan, Director of Business Performance Pty Ltd, was recently awarded Top 10 Blogger of 2011 by HR Toolbox.

Les has many years of experience and extensive expertise in Human Resources.

We first met him at a business network meeting some years ago and were immediately impressed with his knowledge of the field, his professionalism – and the generosity of spirit he showed in our conversations with him.

His company specialises in providing products and services to help businesses do what they need to do more effectively and easily.  In more recent times, Les’s entry into the ‘blogosphere’ has enabled him to share his wealth of  information, tips and resources with a wider audience.

We asked Les to tell us what he thought had led to his success as a blogger and receiving this award.

Here is his reply – we’re calling it the “Allan key” for blogging success… :)

Persistence! And be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else. Being authentic and honest is crucial, because other people will see through any hype pretty quickly. If people can trust you, this is the way to build relationships and a positive reputation.

Thanks Les – great advice. And we think it’s sound advice for all other aspects of business too, not just for blogging!

If you’d like to drop by and check it out, Les’s blog, People at Work, is about the world of work; the changing nature of the employee-employer relationship, improving employee productivity, current research and personal stories about how to make a difference.

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