How We Use Social Media

Here’s how we use social media.

Because we are essentially facilitators, we decided that a great way to promote our business is to show our personalities through the use of social media. On our website we do of course have the standard information that other facilitators have regarding – experience – qualifications – client list – testimonials – what we do.

But in the overcrowded market of facilitation that is probably not enough.

We felt decison makers need to know who we really are, rather than just what and why we do things and the way we do them. They need to be confident they can trust and work with us before they consider hiring us.

So in our social media strategy it’s ‘Chris Bennett and Sue James’, real people, who post and talk about various aspects of their business and personal interests. Not one-dimensional business characters who speak a language that is impersonal and removed from the real world.

There are so many social media options that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by it all.

We chose four options and even those are hard to keep up with on a regular basis.


  • BJ Seminars International

Sue James and Chris Chats are our personal blogs. Chris Chi focuses on Tai Chi reflections, tips and resources – a part personal and business blog. And we also have our BJ Seminars International blog – this one.
Besides posts we try and comment on other people’s blogs which is another way of engaging with people and promoting our business.

We both have Facebook accounts and post personal and the occassional business item.

My twitter account is chrischats and Sue’s is SueJ1. As we do on Facebook, we tweet personal and business bits of information

This is mainly used as a business network, where we link up with various people we meet

It’s a lot of work to create and maintain a presence online, although it’s essential to do so to keep up with current trends.

And don’t forget to make time for the most important social interaction – face-to-face over a cuppa!



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