Faked Authenticity

88367903I’ve been watching the latest political upheaval happening here in Australia and can’t help notice the ‘faked authenticity’ of some politicians from both major parties.?????? ??? ??? ????

Some of the politicians I see on television morph into a fake persona that actually detracts from the message they are trying to deliver. Their gestures, tone of voice and words used do not appear to be natural and I switch off instantly left wondering ‘who is this person, really”?

It’s not only politicians who succumb to this ‘faked authenticity’; it happens in all areas of life. For some people there seems to be a  need to adopt a persona that they think goes with a particular position. Most of the time it doesn’t work unless you are a skilled actor and even then, eventually, the real persona emerges. It just takes one slip of the tongue, a certain behaviour, that can reveal more about a faked authentic.

I could never fake authenticity because I’m too lazy. It takes far too much effort so I’ll continue to be myself.

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