E-Newsletters: From Ignorance to Bliss

news in mobile phoneI must admit I was a bit ignorant when it was time to gather subscribers for our first Good Chi News  e-newsletter recently.

Until I spoke to my business partner Sue James (creator of Starlink) I thought I could just add my contacts to a subscription list and just send it out.


What I didn’t realise is that it was poor etiquette and a poor marketing technique just to add people to a subscribers list without ASKING permission to do so.

Just because I know them doesn’t mean that my contacts would be interested in receiving my Good Chi News e-newsletter even though I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread :)

I know how I feel when I realise I’ve been added to a subscription list without being asked my permission to do so. I feel irritated and the chances of me reading the e-newsletter is very low.  It’s happened occasionally, probably due to ignorance, so I do give those people the benefit of the doubt.

What I do now is to ASK permission first and/or send a link to our e- newsletter to allow people to subscribe should they wish to do so.

When I do this I move away from ignorance to a closer state of bliss with hopefully thousands of subscribers who may buy our products and hire us for workshops.

With their permission of course!

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