Collaboration: In Deed


The word ‘collaboration’  seems to be a popular buzz word these days and is used by many consultants and organisations.

But talking about collaboration and actually collaborating can be two entire different things.

I remember working on a major project which required collaboration with several people and myself. I won’t reveal who and what as I don’t want to embarrass the guilty.

At the beginning of the project everybody was enthusiastic and collaborated to make it a success. Well, they collaborated in ‘word’ but when it came to doing the work agreed upon they somehow disappeared. Then a miracle happened, they reappeared when the project ended. So in effect I collaborated with myself :)

That experience was a ‘sunshine collaboration’. That’s where collaborators only come out to play while the sun is shining.

I much prefer real collaborators who do what is agreed upon in any kind of weather.

And this what I call – Collaboration In Deed.

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