Change: My Keys! My Keys!

Keys2SmallWell, it all started with a walk down to the shops and Post Office during my lunch break, here in the Hills where I live.  A pleasant day, the sun shining and lovely fresh mountain air to breathe. Very relaxing.????? ?? ?????????? ?????? ??????

I bought my bread from the bakery, walked around the corner to the Post Office to check my mail and walked to the small supermarket to buy some groceries. As I headed home I reached into my pocket and then the wail began.

‘My keys! My keys! ‘ (That’s a brief summary of the words I used).

I had lost my keys and catastrophic thoughts raced through my mind; locked out of my house, can’t get into my car, the day ruined.

I was NOT happy. I back-tracked and checked all the places I’d been. Bakery – no keys. Supermarket – no keys. Post Office – YES, keys. They were handed into the Post Office, as I had left them dangling in my Post Office box. Duh!

Isn’t it amazing how one little change can completely throw your day out. One minute everything is going great and then the next minute absolute disaster – no keys!

I suppose when it comes to a negative experience, whether it’s small or large, it’s how we deal with the initial thoughts that’ll determine how well we cope.

But the next time I go to the shops I’ll super glue the keys to my hand – you can never be too careful :)


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