Celebrating Australian Communities

communityIn the face of all the negative media stories with which we are bombarded, we might conclude there is no such thing as a connected, compassionate Australian community. Instead, we are characterised by racism, selfishness, self-seeking consumerism, violence, anti-social tendencies, disaffected youth, abandoned and neglected elderly folk … and the list could go on.

If this were true, it would be cause for despair indeed!

But, though like any nation we have our dark side, there is no need for such despair. Our communities are also rich with stories of hope, of compassion and caring – in spite of the fact these are rarely reported in our public media. And our own vision of the future is one in which stories such as these are commonplace – focusing on what is working in and for our communities.

Here are just three of those stories, with thanks to McCrindle Research for creating the video. A video which, as they say, is dedicated to our Australian communities and to those who are committed to supporting, engaging, participating and shaping them.

[youtube clip_id=”luh1uOyfcw8″ width=”424″ height=”241″]

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