Cars R Us

Drawing on Glasser’s Choice Theory and on Reality Therapy, the Cars R Us Kit is another wonderful strength-focused resource from St Luke’s Innovative Resources.

Recently I was asked to facilitate a three-hour  ‘teambuilding workshop’ for a client.

Rather than opting for more traditional or often-used approaches, I chose to make the Cars R Us kit the framework for the whole session.

The “Fleet Cards” from the kit were a terrific start – team members selected one image each to represent themselves as individuals and team members at this point in time. Sharing the reasons why they’d chosen their cards proved a great way for them to connect and understand where others were coming from.

We then focused on the “Know Your Vehicle” cards for the remainder of the session – again this proved a wonderful analogy for everyone to understand and discuss various aspects of their team, their roles within it, and the differences or similarities in their working styles.

Indeed, the discussion proved so fruitful that in three hours we covered only 6 of the 16 ‘parts of the car’ or aspects of the team! They have asked me to come back and facilitate another session to support them in their discussion and learning together.

If you’re wanting to enhance your team, you might also like to give Cars R Us a workout.

Of course it’s possible the car theme won’t be right for you. You’ll need to know your team – and you may need to have other approaches up your sleeve, just in case.

But if the vehicle analogy resonates for your team – and in our experience it almost always does – it’s a wonderful way to encourage deep conversation and transformation! :)

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