Business Promotion:
Look at Me, Look at Me!

megaphonesThis morning I had a brain explosion.

Oh, not literally of course. But it was a moment of total overload! I had to get out; in fact I did go outside to gulp lungfuls of clear, fresh air.

I was catching up with emails, email newsletters and LinkedIn groups and discussions when I hit this metaphorical brick wall that left me gasping.

Information overload? You may well ask! And I’m sure many (if not all) of us have experienced that from time to time. But, no, that wasn’t it.

What got to me was an overwhelming sense of being talked at and … well … the noise that was assailing me. Of so many people all trying at once to strut, sell, pontificate and promote.

Here’s how it goes …

“I know your pain … I understand your problem … and you need worry no more! I have the solution … I have the 10 secrets you need – that nobody has ever shared with you before … I have the product, the service, the program that will change your life! I know all the answers … and have a PhD to prove it. And I’ve written a superbly successful book on the subject as well.”

All this before you even know my name? I don’t think so …

Amid all this me-me-ME and sell-sell-SELL this morning … well, my brain just gave up. It cried STOP! ENOUGH! And I headed outside to fresh air, a little silence and some birdsong.

What is it with all this thinly-disguised self-promotion and puffery masquerading as discussion or conversation? Or the “über-cleverness” of scoring points to show I know more about this topic than you do?

Can’t we please just relax together and have a chat? Or yes … ok … healthy and vigorous debate is great too. But let’s add listening into the mix. And please, could we perhaps get to know each other a little?

Let’s experience each other’s humanity; embrace genuine curiosity and respect for different world views. Let’s share a laugh at times too. Let’s experience those delicious moments of synergy and connection that are to be found in real conversations.

Talk to me – tell me your story. Listen to mine.

Let’s keep it simple and, above all, keep it real.

Speak Your Mind