Appreciative Inquiry and Chair Chi Training

3D Running FigureIt’s been a while since our last post – so many things happening, our feet haven’t touched the ground! And they probably still won’t until we land in Sydney to deliver our Taste of Appreciative Inquiry and Aged Care Chair Chi Training Level One workshops scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday.

After the workshops we’ll continue our skull sessions (planning) for 2015. Our first get together last week revealed we’ll probably need 50 staff, 8 day weeks and 25 hour days to achieve what we want to do …..  but you ‘gotta dream big’. :)

We’ve decided to expand our public workshop offerings next year to include some regional Victorian centres as well as interstate. We’ll definitely offer the Chair Chi (Level One) workshop again and a second workshop based on Appreciative Inquiry – though the jury is still out about whether that will be Taste of AI again or something with a more specific focus.

As soon as we’ve finalised some further details about exactly what where and when, we’ll update the Program Schedule page of our site.

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