Aged Care: Chair Chi Training Program

chair-chi-training-picIt’s been hectic over the past twelve months running Chair Chi workshops for various aged care centres in the Eastern suburbs.

But it’s fun and I thoroughly enjoy working with both low care and high care residents. The Chair Chi workshops have become very popular  which has led me to develop a new Chair Chi Training Program for aged care professionals and carers.

Here’s a brief overview.

The complete training program incorporates three levels of competency and complexity. At the end of Level One participants will be able to conduct a basic Chair Chi session. Levels Two and Three deepen the learning, incorporating further theory and additional exercises. At the end of Level Three participants will be able to complete Chair Chi program drawing and customising a wide range of exercises applicable to their client’s.

A Level One workshop is planned for 25th November and more details will soon be available.

I’m also creating a speech/presentation for aged care organisations and groups. The speech will cover my experiences in working with low care and high care residents using the power of Chi to enhance physical, emotional and psychological well being. More about this later.

Oh, and in between all these Chair Chi and AQ-KQ workshops (my work with Sue James) I intend to keep up my memoir writing and photography; all I need is an eight day week!

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