28 Public Workshops – 4 States – 1 Deep Breath

Well, here we go again. We’ve added more public workshops to our schedule, which will keep us very busy for 2015.

We’ve also added two new workshops; Chair Chi Training Level Two and Unleashing Appreciative Intelligence®. Here’s a list of the public workshops we’re offering:

Chair Chi Training Level One
Chair Chi Training Level Two
A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry
Unleashing Appreciative Intelligence®

Chair Chi Training is ideal for lifestyle staff, physiotherapists, carers, volunteers and health trainers who work with the elderly.

A Taste of Appreciative Inquiry is ideal for CEOs, team leaders, managers, HR or OD practitioners and anyone interested in the Appreciative Inquiry philosophy, whether personally or professionally.

And Unleashing Appreciative Intelligence® is ideal for CEOs, managers, change agents, leaders – or anyone who would like to become more successful, more creative, more resilient and more influential at work and in life

Our road tour list:RoadB



New South Wales

South Australia

And while we’re travelling around we’re open to providing on-site workshops for any organisation or group interested.

We’re not quite up to Lucky Starr’s famous song I’ve Been Everywhere  but we’re trying to catch up :)

Footnote: We’re also looking at running a two day Executive Retreat using our AQ-KQ framework later in the year – details later.

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