Essence of AI Participant Comments

ABCD Asia Pacific    Website   

This workshop was, by far, one of the most inspirational, thoughtful, action-provoking workshops I have attended for many years - and I've attended many! Two days were not enough - we could have spent the whole week working on the many aspects that were obviously not covered in the timeframe allowed! As a Community Development Trainer and Facilitator, I have been an AI convert for many years and utilise it in professional development workshops that I deliver throughout Australia and for framing generative questions. But this particular course by Sue and Chris gave me a deeper meaning and understanding of AI as a way of viewing my work, family, colleagues and life through a thoroughly more appreciative lens! I cannot recommend the Essence of Appreciative Inquiry highly enough and I'm sure if I did the 2 days again, I would gain bucket-loads more from each workshop!

Pathways to Leadership    Website   

Loved it. Affirming. Gave me more ideas than I anticipated. I will blend AI more into what I do with Organisational Culture Change and individualised planning. I recommend this workshop - it's applicable across many theories and practices.

UnitingCare Community    Website   

Loved the content and process – both the use of the cards and the Tai Chi as a way of exploring workplace issues and ourselves at a deeper level. The pace was good, the workbook and diary are very helpful. Sue and Chris, thank you for a great couple of days! I'd definitely recommend this workshop as a very valuable learning experience.

Queensland Health    Website   

Thank you both for what has been a very inspiring and insightful two days! I am looking forward to the ongoing growing and learning that will result following today – on both a professional and personal level. AI, to me, is one of those things where once you get a taste you realise how much more there is to it! I am looking forward & feeling very positive about the journey ahead. Very practical yet covered the core principles/theories too, so covers as much as you can in two days!

Unique Outcomes    Website   

I appreciated the interesting differences you brought to the process as co-facilitators. The balance between levity and ‘seriosity’ made the day pass pretty quickly. I think you’re offering a nice easing into AI – many thanks for your generosity … live long and prosper!

Charters Towers Community Centre    Website   

Really enjoyed the shared wisdom of the group. The handout & references are great to support further learning. Succinct, clear information. Plenty of time to discuss and share. Thank you for a great two days. It was a great overview into AI. Warm, friendly and welcoming.

Charters Towers Community Centre    Website   

Workshop was a great opportunity to add more depth to my knowledge and working practice of AI. Really liked the opportunity to practice working on questions and would have liked more time looking at changing negative statements/questions etc into more positive strength-based questioning. Suitable for both novices and those with more experience. Tai Chi component was interesting addition and gave time to reflect.

Charters Towers Community Centre    Website   

Thanks Sue and Chris for a great two days. I know that I will take heaps home to work with. It’s nice to discover yourself sometimes!

Benevolent Society    Website   

Thank you for a great couple of days. I can only say positive things about the training but recognise that it really is an extension of the work I am already doing. For those that are new to the concept, I felt the training gave a very good foundation to understanding the principles etc and did this in a very gentle way.

Great Lakes Community Resources    Website   

I feel more confident operating (with uncertainty) within the sometimes difficult environment of aligning competing and conflicting demands. I see better that perhaps these aren’t real concerns for me to focus on. I enjoyed the physical aspect of the two-day program and I also enjoyed hearing others’ stories. I recommend this workshop because it helps you to be more reflective on not only how you can assist others move forward, but on moving forwards yourself, personally and professionally. Thank you!