The Essence of Appreciative Inquiry

This highly practical, fun and interactive workshop is very different from the standard approach, because it focuses on the ‘essence‘ of Appreciative Inquiry so critical for success.

Capturing the spirit of Appreciative Inquiry makes the approach more powerful than simply applying it as a ‘mechanical technique’.

This two-day workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to create transformative, positive change in work or life!

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  • Gain a deeper understanding of the ‘essence’ of AI and how to apply it
  • “Learn by doing” through many practical activities
  • Understand the history, theoretical foundations and key concepts of AI
  • Explore the essential principles and assumptions of AI and relate them to your own life and work
  • Gain a basic understanding of Appreciative Intelligence(R) and its relationship to AI
  • Practice the art of asking powerful questions to shift a conversation and encourage transformative change
  • Identify how and when to use a formal Appreciative Inquiry or a simpler ‘appreciative approach’


  • A high-value, comprehensive workshop manual as a practical ongoing reference & resource
  • A copy of Food for Thought: a journal for appreciating daily life ** as a tool for continued reflection and learning

** NOTE: Published by Appreciating People in the UK, Food for Thought is available in Australia exclusively through BJ Seminars International

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