A Taste of AI: Participant Comments

Sally Gaven Consulting    Website   

Fantastic, interesting but ALSO very inspiring! I feel ready to do something differnently.  I think training with an appreciative approach is more effective than the traditional ‘instructional’ approach. Right mix of doing and listening. Thanks Sue for your generous approach. I'll be using these insights and practical tools in various work for: evaluation, teaching, planning, negotiating with my colleagues.

Knowledge Consulting    Website   

Very informative, well presented. Learnt a lot. Really like the framework – feel it provides a great approach to empower people to work to bring out & develop the best in themselves and in their organisations. You could not consult/teach AI without walking the talk. Most definitely would recommend!

Parramatta City Council    Website   

Great day of learning an alternative approach that can focus on a positive way of interacting and sharing in an informal way. I will be using some of what I've learned when in need of client input in services that we are providing, as well as with members of my team in times of planning and evaluating.

Arcare    Website   

It was good hearing about how AI can be utilised and gain a greater appreciation of the positive impact/difference it can make to a whole range of situations/applications. I'm now going to prepare/frame good AI questions, appreciate others’ perspectives and view of the world, acknowledge and validate and then build/facilitate co-created realities/aspirations and sense of future.

Redan Spear Pty Ltd    Website   

Thank you for an informative workshop. I loved the powerpoint slides supporting the cards. The exercises were just enough and very effective/challenging. I feel very lucky attending a ‘masterclass’. The cards are fabulous – big, colourful and informative. Thank you Sue and Chris – your personal stories and examples were the epitome of the philosophy of AI in action – being lived.

ABC Radio    Website   

I valued finding out more about the theory behind AI, having a chance to have a go, the pace and the Tai Chi energisers. I learned lots. Specifically the principles and the way they link/underpin the approach, the 5D Cycle and the importance of preparation and purpose in setting up protocols.


What did I find valuable? The cards – great reference in future. The activities - having a go at constructing questions and sharing stories. The videos as a break in activity. Sue’s explanations – very clear. Enjoyed having a chance to converse with others in the workshop. Food – great!

Knowledge Consulting    Website   

Really enjoyed today, particularly valuable for me was your explanation of “provocative propositions”. Best ever! Great to have a practitioner speaking of real experiences. Thank you for a great day. I'd recommend this workshop for anybody who is interested in organisational development, working with community or themselves. Great introduction.