Animal Logic: Thinking Inside the Box


Thinking outside the box” has become what many think is an irritatingly over-used cliché these days.

But here’s a new spin on that tired old saying, with thanks to Liselotte Hansen on Facebook.

It’s an amusing video about thinking inside the box …

Or, perhaps more appropriately, we could say it’s about pausing to think before we jump into the box.

And maybe, to avoid using such a tired cliché, we could talk instead about thinking outside the “fish bowl”? Or outside the cup, shoe, pot plant, vase, glass, pocket, tea pot or toy cart? :)

[youtube clip_id=”-Jv7X-SYxUk” width=”424″ height=”241″]

Ok, so it’s a video to make everyone smile – perhaps even laugh aloud.

But we figured there may be a few lessons we can learn from it too. If we think of ‘inside the box’ as representing our ‘comfort zone’ or what’s familiar to us:

1) It can serve us well as a great place to curl up and have a respite from outside pressures …

2) … but staying with the familiar isn’t always as easy as we think it’ll be!

3) We need to make sure it’s a good fit before we leap back into it

4) We should check it’ll be stable enough to hold what we need it to hold – without falling over

5) Even the familiar can roll out of our control

6) And if we do decide to stay in the comfort zone, we should be careful others don’t come along to sit on us and trap us there … :)