What Others Have Said

Thank you both for what has been a very inspiring and insightful two days! I am looking forward to the ongoing growing and learning that will result following today – on both a professional and personal level. AI, to me, is one of those things where once you get a taste you realise how much more there is to it! I am looking forward & feeling very positive about the journey ahead. Very practical yet covered the core principles/theories too, so covers as much as you can in two days!

Jill Scholes, Queensland HealthWebsite

I think that it made me look at where I am in terms of my thinking within the community. The Tai Chi was great. Thank you for a great two days.

Kerri Elso, City of CaseyWebsite

The most helpful thing was putting relaxation strategies into the leadership context. It was relevant, relaxing, something refreshing - and unique. Most grateful for your time!!

Gary Martin, Mt Waverley North Primary School

Thank you for your session with us. Very positive comments from all the staff. It was very relaxing - nice to do a shared PL [Professional Learning]. The power of collegiate activities is amazing. Great to do something different for health and stress release. It was terrific and so many staff members said how they slept soundly that night.

Kathy Prince, Ringwood North Primary SchoolWebsite

The best thing about the Essence of Appreciative Inquiry workshop was experiencing AI as a way of integrating the concepts prior to embedding it into my practice. I am an experiential learner and had a very helpful learning experience. I found it a very engaging way of working with the concepts of AI. Program is well designed for maximum engagement.

Lucia Doherty, Department for Families and CommunitiesWebsite

Some very useful questions and questions styles to try out and integrate. Some very useful ‘activities’ at the kinaesthetic and AQ end of things. I'd recommend this workshop – it is good to have a distilled ‘essence’ to clarify and dispel misconceptions (about AI). Thanks to you both for your energy and all you gave to the group in the 2 days.

Mark Butz, Futures By DesignWebsite

Chair Chi is something everybody can do. Chris is great with the residents, explaining the exercises and the benefits well. The great thing about Chair Chi is it is low impact (exercise) in a chair. It is great for all residents but even those that have mobility problems can participate actively. It has the biggest turnout out of all our exercise classes. They enjoy it and return.

Chereyne Colby, Lifestyle Co-ordinator, Catholic Homes, Willowbrooke Aged Care HostelWebsite

I would like to thank you for facilitating the HACC Business Planning Day. There was a great deal of positive feedback about the proceedings and how well you kept things “on Track” which assisted us to achieve more on the day.

Anne Rock, Home & Community Care, City of KnoxWebsite

Loved it. Affirming. Gave me more ideas than I anticipated. I will blend AI more into what I do with Organisational Culture Change and individualised planning. I recommend this workshop - it's applicable across many theories and practices.

Michaela Kennedy, Pathways to LeadershipWebsite

The best things were the interactive discussions, practical exercises and the openness and sharing from the facilitators. I would definitely recommend it to others. A great workshop, thanks Sue and Chris.

Leslie Allan, Business Performance Pty LtdWebsite

Really enjoyed the shared wisdom of the group. The handout & references are great to support further learning. Succinct, clear information. Plenty of time to discuss and share. Thank you for a great two days. It was a great overview into AI. Warm, friendly and welcoming.

Tracey Jones, Charters Towers Community CentreWebsite

I feel more confident operating (with uncertainty) within the sometimes difficult environment of aligning competing and conflicting demands. I see better that perhaps these aren’t real concerns for me to focus on. I enjoyed the physical aspect of the two-day program and I also enjoyed hearing others’ stories. I recommend this workshop because it helps you to be more reflective on not only how you can assist others move forward, but on moving forwards yourself, personally and professionally. Thank you!

Krysten Banks, Great Lakes Community ResourcesWebsite

First time I joined in with the residents I felt so relaxed afterwards - that's all you think about at that time, that is where your focus is, you just put all your other thoughts aside. Your feel very refreshed afterwards! It gives another slant on exercises we do, different, good to have that variety. I don't have to ask the residents twice to attend Chair Chi because they really enjoy it, they feel good every time. Overall they look forward to it and that's a bonus. When I say Chair Chi, residents say make sure I come down. ...... just came out of hospital and it's a good way for him to keep up with exercises that are achievable ...... a highlight of her week and she says how much it helps her whole attitude.

Rosalie Morrissey, Lifestyle Co-ordinator, Catholic Homes, John R. Hannah Aged Care FacilityWebsite

We found that Chair Chi provides our residents with a chance of gentle exercise and relaxation which they look forward to on a regular basis. We notice they appear more relaxed after the session, more socially active as they chat amongst each other.

David Thomson, Coordinator Lifestyle & Activities, Mercy Place MontroseWebsite

New way of thinking, a different perspective on problem solving in everyday life.

James Clavers

This was a very worthwhile session - well presented, thoughtful and inspiring content and professionally hosted. Really appreciated the combination of 'more than talk' and the Tai Chi activities. Many thanks!

Fae Campbell, Campbell Consulting Group

A great introduction to the work. Appreciate the facilitators’ energy, empathy and commitment. A very rich and stimulating workshop - food for the soul.

Simon Parker, Simon Parker and AssociatesWebsite

Sue used Appreciative Inquiry methods to draw out ideas for the project from a broad stakeholder group. The shared conversation techniques Sue adopted, the open communication and design ideas that came out of the session were a great success. I have found her to be an enthusiastic and professional facilitator who is able to draw out ideas and establish open and positive communication between stakeholders. I look forward to working with Sue in the facilitation of our future design projects.

Tim Hart, Urban Design Initiatives Pty LtdWebsite

Thank you so much, Sue and Chris. Your gracious facilitation and your sensitivity to us has enabled our spirits to look and see beyond our own horizons!

Frances Baum, Missionary Sisters of the Sacred HeartWebsite

Residents are excited to come to Chair Chi and after a session feel relaxed and are smiling. Since it started the group is growing in numbers and they benefit from a session.

Ingrid Howie, Leisure & Lifestyle Team, BlueCross, HansworthWebsite

The best thing about these sessions was the way you both combined your talents and messages. It tapped into deeper dimensions than many other [professional development sessions] I've attended.

Kerry Clayton, Waverley Meadows Primary School

Sue's facilitation style was encouraging, engaging and validating. It gave me the opportunity to reflect on recent events in my life, reframe/re-vision the future and reconnect with purpose. I will use it in my practice with others. Enjoyed Chris's comments, exercises and teachings.

Linda Rowley, Workplace Training Advisory Australia

I found the Chair Chi to be a worthwhile class. At first I wasn't sure what it would be like, Chris showed us good strengthening exercises. It was also a good form of relaxation. Thanks.

Amanda, Staff Member, Scoresby Primary SchoolWebsite

The one on one discussion was sensational. It was good to go outside my comfort zone. It was well-paced, relaxed with plenty of breaks and would be of great value to a team environment. Sue is a very relaxed host who leads the process slowl in the desired direction. Easy to listen to, great flexibility offered - and Chris's Tai Chi element is always going to be a winner!

Peter Nash, Absolute FactsWebsite

Sue not only has the knowledge and skill base as a facilitator to assist companies in moving ahead - she also builds rapport very quickly which makes the insights relevant on a professional and personal level. Sue is a wonderful networker in the area of AI and therefore has the experience and a more global understanding of how companies can go from good to great!

Kym Lincolne, The Field Coaching & DevelopmentWebsite

At our recent Diversional Therapist network meeting Chair Chi was the first of the three major improvements we noticed. Residents happy to attend when they know it's Chair Chi. They can feel the benefit afterwards.

Filidea DiBianco, Diversional Therapist, AutumnCare, Clovelly CottageWebsite

Chair Chi is a great success at St. John’s Park Hostel, with at least 10 residents participating per session. Our residents continue to talk about the sessions happily afterwards. Our residents have said that they are keen for this activity to continue as part of St. John’s leisure program, as they say they are more relaxed following the session.

Jacqui Wolff, Community Co-ordinator, Benetas, St. John's Park HostelWebsite

Thank you for a great couple of days. I can only say positive things about the training but recognise that it really is an extension of the work I am already doing. For those that are new to the concept, I felt the training gave a very good foundation to understanding the principles etc and did this in a very gentle way.

Amanda Trunley, Benevolent SocietyWebsite

This workshop was, by far, one of the most inspirational, thoughtful, action-provoking workshops I have attended for many years - and I've attended many! Two days were not enough - we could have spent the whole week working on the many aspects that were obviously not covered in the timeframe allowed! As a Community Development Trainer and Facilitator, I have been an AI convert for many years and utilise it in professional development workshops that I deliver throughout Australia and for framing generative questions. But this particular course by Sue and Chris gave me a deeper meaning and understanding of AI as a way of viewing my work, family, colleagues and life through a thoroughly more appreciative lens! I cannot recommend the Essence of Appreciative Inquiry highly enough and I'm sure if I did the 2 days again, I would gain bucket-loads more from each workshop!

Dee Brooks, ABCD Asia PacificWebsite

Staff enjoyed the practical and hands on approach that Sue & Chris used. It made staff reflect on their current practices and gave them things to consider for the future. One small thing that made a big difference was that they were able to deliver a presentation created around our needs at the time.

Sharyn Bellingham, Flexible Learning Centre, Chisolm TAFE

The session was very positive and staff really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with others in a fun, social atmosphere while learning some useful strategies for managing stressful situations in the workplace.

HR Team, Tintern SchoolsWebsite

The best thing was learning how to deal with suppliers.

Darren Taylor, Darren Taylor, Web & Graphics

All levels were catered for – even the basic (us!) . Very clear instructions. All our unusual questions were answered. We felt very good afterwards and will continue to follow his 5 minute a day plan. Chris gave us a very good insight to Tai chi.

Linda & Raelene, Staff Members, Scoresby Primary SchoolWebsite

Your advice on including laughter in our daily business lives not only brought a smile to our faces but reinforced the importance of taking time out of our busy schedules to get the most out of ourselves.

Alan Dewhirst, Manningham Business Network

The best thing was hearing examples of methods that have worked for you in the past. I enjoyed your care and thoughtfulness and reconnecting to Tai Chi again. Thank you.

Ian Shrives, CVA Consulting GroupWebsite

I appreciated the interesting differences you brought to the process as co-facilitators. The balance between levity and ‘seriosity’ made the day pass pretty quickly. I think you’re offering a nice easing into AI – many thanks for your generosity … live long and prosper!

Paul Montgomery, Unique OutcomesWebsite

Thank you for the opportunity to have had a master class in AI. I thought that a lot of the information was presented succinctly in the workbook which will be a great resource for the future. I thought it was well-paced with a good mix of information and activity. I can see that as a result of this workshop, not only will I be confident to develop a proposal for an AI project and implement it, but also just be a little more appreciative in my approach to day to day life. Would I recommend this workshop? Absolutely! Sue's expertise and knowledge of AI would be hard to beat and she is a gifted facilitator.

Wendy Smith, W Consulting

A number of club members approached me after the meeting and expressed their appreciation. They indicated that the presentation was both personally beneficial, and beneficial to the club. This is an ideal combination to make our meetings enjoyable and encourage attendance. Thank you for the time taken.

Mike O'Callahan, Park Orchards Lions Club

The workshop modelled appreciation and affirmation. The spirit of AI (together with the principles, assumptions and framework) was present throughout. The diversity of approaches was helpful. I enjoyed being a recipient of Chris’s and Sue’s generosity. Thank you.

Kevin Balm, Participative TechnologiesWebsite

Workshop was a great opportunity to add more depth to my knowledge and working practice of AI. Really liked the opportunity to practice working on questions and would have liked more time looking at changing negative statements/questions etc into more positive strength-based questioning. Suitable for both novices and those with more experience. Tai Chi component was interesting addition and gave time to reflect.

Elvene Whitbread, Charters Towers Community CentreWebsite

Thank you for a wonderful afternoon. The residents and staff thoroughly enjoyed your delivery of Chair Chi and would love to have you back again. Your attitude towards the residents was impressive and you interacted with them brilliantly, they responded and participated well and definitely benefited from you. Once again thank you Chris and I will certainly recommend you to other facilities.

Wendy Toohey, Lifestyles Co-ordinator, AdventCare, Yarra RangesWebsite

Chris and Sue presented a very well prepared, fun and energising session on a targeted activity developing a Peer Review Performance Model for our college. Their preparedness to listen to our needs in the lead up communication before the activity ensured that the material was relevant and practical. Their work has allowed us to begin our new format with confidence.

Gary Leonard, Norwood Secondary College

The improvement in staff morale flows on to our client base by improving customer satisfaction. I feel any company considering these services would benefit greatly from the improvement achieved in multiple areas.

Tony Layton, Designer Pergolas & CarportsWebsite

The Chair Chi workshop was well received by all the staff who attended. I think the time went very quickly and the techniques you covered during the hour session were simple to remember and easily applied after the workshop. A few people have told me that they have used the techniques to address stress and to relax. The handout you gave to us was very useful in reminding us of the techniques you shared with us. Thank you for making the session so worthwhile for us. I have only had positive feedback.

Marise Boff, Principal, Norris Bank Primary SchoolWebsite

It is interesting now for me to put into practice and the booklet, extra reading and activities will be very useful. I would recommend the workshop - now I understand the approach of a colleague I respect and will pass it on to others.

Janne Lade, Swinburne University of Technology

The workshop ‘worked’ for me as it’s left me feeling like I want to know and do more. I understand this means some self-study but I would love the opportunity to reflect on what I’ve learned, access some of the resources, then come back for another few days focusing on ‘being’ a practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry. Then to keep the learning going by having experienced practitioner workshops to share our stories, build our strengths etc. Thanks for creating the program and for giving of your time, energy and multiple intelligences!

Tania Horozides, People SmartWebsite

The best thing about the Essence of Appreciative Inquiry workshop was a greater appreciation of the power of AI. The workbook is excellent – it provides a valuable resource. It has been a very worthwhile experience, most stimulating. I commend you and Chris on the way in which you presented the material and enabled us to have such a positive experience. Very well done.

Peter SpenceWebsite

On behalf of the residents of Gardenia and Willow, here at Bupa Donvale, we would like to say how much we enjoy having you visit with us and providing the great Tai Chi classes. Our residents tell us how much they enjoy your sessions and we the staff can see their keen interest and the benefit these classes bring to them. They love the fact that they can remain seated and that is of great benefit to our wheelchair bound residents.

Debra Filippini, Lifestyle Co-ordinator, Bupa Care Services, DonvaleWebsite

Thanks Sue and Chris for a great two days. I know that I will take heaps home to work with. It’s nice to discover yourself sometimes!

Sue-Ellen Weedon, Charters Towers Community CentreWebsite

An amazing opportunity to be provided the time to reflect on our shared wisdom. An amazing personal journey and hopefully the start of an incredible professional journey.

Kate Heron, Urban Initiatives Pty LtdWebsite

It was really motivational through the storytelling. And the practical and simple Tai Chi techniques were amazing - I really felt the difference. I came away feeling much more positive and freer of mind. I felt like I'd lost my inhibitions and it had opened my mind. It gave me a buzz!

Maria Hermans, Swinburne Business Enterprise Centre

One thing I'll use straight away is focus on my business goals and put them on paper rather than leave them on a verbal basis. I'd highly recommend this workshop to others because many business owners are not aware about setting goals and more importantly looking at the values which are the main reason for the existence of their business.

Rosanna Murphy, Kiah Framing

Colleagues shared experiences, refocussed negative energy and explored leadership qualities. It was fun, challenging and informative ... The interaction created was a great way to set the context of the Program at the start and a great way to finish off.

Bill Panas, Northern Metropolitan Region, Department of Education

Loved the content and process – both the use of the cards and the Tai Chi as a way of exploring workplace issues and ourselves at a deeper level. The pace was good, the workbook and diary are very helpful. Sue and Chris, thank you for a great couple of days! I'd definitely recommend this workshop as a very valuable learning experience.

Jennifer Smith, UnitingCare CommunityWebsite

I loved the one session I had!

Christine McEvoy, Assistant Principal, Scoresby Primary SchoolWebsite