Chair Chi Training Program

If you are searching for an innovative, gentle exercise activity that engages, empowers and enthuses clients both in the aged care and disability sectors then our Chair Chi Training Program may be what you are looking for.

It’s adaptability makes it inclusive as it allows high care residents/clients to participate as well.

What are the benefits?

      • Learn easy to use calming and energising skills that you can teach the elderly and those with disabilitites
      • Enhance your resilience and re-energise your work
      • Network with other colleagues and others involved in aged care
      • Improve your personal wellbeing
      • Receive a Certificate of Attendance for each of the three levels of the training program – beneficial for building a resume in the aged care industry
      • Have the opportunity to become a Certified Chair Chi Teacher at the end of Level Three, on completion of simple certification requirements
      • Each workshop includes a comprehensive training manual
      • Helps enhance your facility’s image as a progressive and caring place for residents and staff

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Who is this program for?

This program is ideal for lifestyle staff, physiotherapists, diversional therapists, carers, volunteers and health trainers, this comprehensive training program teaches how to deliver Chair Chi sessions  in a safe and practical way. The complete training program incorporates three levels of competency and complexity.

More Detailed Program Information

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Available Training Options

The Chair Chi Training Program is available:

      • on site for your staff, carers and volunteers
      • through our  public workshops

So you have the option of choosing whichever is convenient for you or your organisation.

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About your trainer/facilitator

Your trainer/faciliator, Chris Bennett has developed this innovative training program based on his 29 years’ experience in teaching and learning Tai Chi. He has delivered this program in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and Adelaide as well as in Victorian regional centres. He has also personally delivered over 750 Chair Chi sessions in over 20 aged care centres and nursing homes, working with residents at all levels of physical and cognitive ability, during the past 3 years here in Melbourne. The Chair Chi sessions have become very popular and Chris now has 10 regular clients in the Eastern suburbs which include Bupa, Bluecross and Catholic Homes.

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Scheduled Public Workshops

1) Chair Chi Training Level One

In this highly interactive one day workshop you will learn how to delivery a basic 30 minute Chair Chi session which includes  gentle exercises and strategies that will help enhance  your clients emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.  Basic topics include: Understanding Chi – Yin Yang philosophy – Teaching (square method) – Safety Processes – 7 Directions – Chair Chi principles. You will also learn how to adapt the skills for those who have a disability.

Workshop Fee: $330.00 (incl GST)
Public Program Schedule / Register

2) Chair Chi Training Level Two

This one day workshop is also highly interactive and includes a refresher of the skills already learned in Level One. This Level Two workshop deepens the learning of Chi concepts and philosophy and has additional exercise sets to enable you to provide a variety of skills for your clients. It includes the 1-2-3 exercise short set which is an excellent combination of Chi skills that are essential for energising and calming at a deeper level. It also includes a segment on pain management.

Workshop Fee: $330.00 (incl GST)
Public Program Schedule / Register

Please Note: For convenience we are now providing Level One and Level Two workshops over two consecutive days. Attend both workshops and obtain both Level One and Level Two status. Previous participants who have completed Level One are also welcome to register for the Level Two workshop.

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3) Chair Chi Training Level Three

In this two day workshop you will learn the complete chair chi program which has many additional skills to those already learned. You will be able to provide up to one hour of activity should you desire to do so. We’ve also included components that cover sleep, anxiety and depression from a Tai Chi perspective. This highly interactive workshop also includes a refresher of Level One and Level Two skills.

Workshop Fee: $594.00 (incl GST)
Public Program Schedule / Register

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Bonus Mentoring Benefit

To add further value to our program we are now offering a complimentary mentoring session for each participant who completes Level Two or Level Three of the program. So if you complete Level Two you get a free mentoring session and if you go on to complete Level Three you receive another free mentoring session.

These are not additinal training as such, but are designed to answer any questions you may have or revise skills for which you’d like a refresher.

The mentoring sessions will be conducted over Skype (or equivalent) at a convenient time. A great benefit as you will have the opportunity to discuss and/or visually cover the skills you’ve learned over a web cam.

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Comments from Previous Participants

Goodwin Village, Donald, VIC    Website   

Our residents are enjoying their new Chair Chi sessions and are very enthusiastic - they look forward to exercises on a Thursday and are seen performing some of the skills when walking up the corridor! Gives variety to aged care exercise program.

Catholic Homes    Website   

… the location and set-up were good, with refreshments provided. The instructor, Chris, was excellent, with great knowledge of the clientèle, form and practice time. He was easy to learn from and always encouraging. The exercises are appropriate for residential aged care – both low and high care – and the workshop was good fun!


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