Chair Chi Training Program

If you are searching for an innovative, gentle exercise activity that engages, empowers and enthuses clients both in the aged care and disability sectors then our Chair Chi Training Program may be what you are looking for.

It’s adaptability makes it inclusive as it allows high care residents/clients to participate as well.

Watch our short videos about Chair Chi then take a look at the diagram (below) with details about the complete Chair Chi Training Program.

You can also read what others have said about the training.

If you’d like to consider an onsite program for your staff, please contact us for details.

Complete Chair Chi Training Program

Important Notes:
Completing  Chair Chi Level One OR  Chair Chi PLUS is a pre-requisite for Chair Chi Level Two.

Our new and innovative Chair Chi Plus Training Workshop is based on a pilot study we conducted for residents at Craigcare Berwick here in Melbourne. As far as we are aware it’s a world first for a study of this nature. The resulting workshop focuses on skills that help increase leg strength, improve balance, achieve a cardiovascular workout and enhance emotional and psychological well being.

Download the Chair_Chi_Plus_Pilot_Study_Report (pdf format)