Brisbane Bound: Chair Chi Training

Chair Chi Training

Chair Chi Training

Well, time to book flights and accommodation for our upcoming Aged Care Chair Chi Training Level One and Level Two workshops to be held in Brisbane on 17,18 August.

We were there last year when we launched our first workshops in Brisbane and had a good turnout. And numbers are building for our current workshops but we will have to close registrations soon as we have limited numbers available for these workshops.

The workshops are designed for those who work with the elderly, in particular, aged care and in the disability area. Previous participants have included diversional therapists, physiotherapists, life style staff at aged care centres.

So far we have run these workshops in Melbourne, Bendigo, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney and we’re looking to extend into Tasmania and Western Australia eventually.

I’m also currently negotiating an onsite visit to one of the agedcare centers in the Brisbane area and if that comes about it will be a very busy four days of running all the workshops.

Besides running regular Chair Chi workshops here in Melbourne (over 600 in 3 years so far), I also really enjoy teaching staff and carers how to deliver their own Chair Chi sessions for the elderly.

If you are looking for an effective way of teaching Chair Chi to the elderly then why not join in and register here

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